Unlimited gaming for all the family

Our "lock-in" gaming sessions are the perfect place for friends and families to catch up over a few games.  Public sessions are Saturday nights from 7pm and Monday to Saturday during school holidays.  See our calendar below for specific day session times and special events.

Games of all kinds to suit young and old. From pinball and arcade to shooting, driving and classic gaming consoles.  Either play as a group or head your own separate ways, there is something around every corner.

Many places charge PER GAME. This can cause problems by children using their "credit" at different speeds. Usually the younger children have to wait for the older children to finish. Once the credit has been used up, there is nothing to do unless you "top up" the credit again. This can be very expensive for a short period of time.

At GameRoom Essentials lock-in sessions, once you pay your entry fee, there is no more to pay.

Play pinball, arcade, driving and shooting arcades, classic consoles, and more for up to 5 HOURS!  All games are free to play once inside. Spectators (supervising children) and children under 5 are FREE with paying adult.  Unlike the original lock-ins, you can come and go at any time.  But children must have a responsible parent on site at all times. Parents can let their kids go their own way from the door, and not have to worry about them until closing.  Any issues, we have a PA system which can be heard throughout the building.

Selected 3-6pm sessions on Saturday are $10 for kids and $20 for adults.  This is only a trial and may not continue.  Please check the calendar below for session days.