Unlimited gaming for all the family

Unlimited gaming for the whole family

Many places charge PER GAME. At GameRoom Essentials lock-in sessions, once you pay your entry fee, there is no more to pay.

Now with all you can play. . .


All you can play, no more to pay!

Play pinball, arcade, driving and shooting arcades, classic consoles, and more for up to 7 HOURS! All games in our lock-in area are free to play once inside. Spectators (supervising children) and children under 5 are FREE with paying adult. Unlike the original lock-ins, you can come and go at any time.

Take advantage of our evolving collection:
Pinball Machines
Arcade machines
4 player Grand Prix Star II
Retro consoles (eg Nintendo 64, NES, Atari)
Shooting (gun) arcade machines,
Xbox360 (16 player)
Guitar Hero on the Big Screen
New... Fortnight and PUBG room


Get unlimited gaming FOR 7 HOURS!!!
Adults - Only $25
Children (under 15) - Only $15

Or you can play for as little as you want

Length of stay Kids Adults
30 min $3 $4
1 hour $5 $8
2 Hrs $9 $15
3 Hrs $12 $20
4 Hrs $14 $24
5+ Hrs $15 $25