Fortnite and PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) has arrived at GameRoom Essentials!

We have opened our new "Premium Console" section at the back of our venue.

Consisting of large TVs which can support Fortnite (16 players), PUBG (8 players), and various multiplayer games.

In addition to this, there are also many other TVs with classic consoles like original Xbox, PlayStation, Intellivision, Atari and more.

This area is included during the Lock-ins but spaces are limited so get in early.

As at 2nd December 2018, the Premium area contains:


-16 xbox one consoles with Fortnite, Player Unknown Battle Grounds, and 100s of other titles
-4 xbox original consoles with up to 16 players
-Playstation 2 with up to 5 players
-Amiga 500
-Sega Saturn
-Playstation Original
-Super Famicom console
-Playstation 2 with Time Crisis 3 and Gcon45


Private Parties

This is a premium gaming area and only available as an addition to a normal party booking.

If you wish to include this area with your party, then let us know prior to the day to ensure it is ready for your use.

The $110 fee can be added to your invoice and paid on the day.
This area can hold up to an additional 40 people on top of the normal 80 people.