Birthday parties, corporate events, bucks parties,whatever the occasion Gameroom is the place.

Throw a fuss-free retro gaming party for the kids and the kid inside!

Party’s at GameRoom Essentials have always been one of our greatest services. You pay a set rate regardless of the number of people you invite. Invite up to 60 people!

Private Parties

Private parties can be booked any time on any day EXCEPT Saturday 3-10pm or Sunday 10am-5pm as this is udf fd df df df sually reserved for public sessions. You pay a set rate regardless of the number of people you invite. fd

The MAIN Gaming Area is large enough for up to 60. It has a separate area for food, with tables and chairs, microwave, pie warmer and small fridge/freezer. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink but keep in mind that there can no longer be shared food due to Covid laws. We recommend pizza, but will need someone to dish out to guests. No self serve to pizza boxes.

The “Premium Console Area” has now been combined into the main gaming area at no extra charge.  This has MANY more consoles including 16 xbox one consoles with Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends.

Rates (valid from July 2021)

Monday-Thursday (40% off weekend rate) 
$250 first 2 hours, then $80 per hour

Friday (20% off weekend rate)
$335 first 2 hours, then $105 per hour

School and Public Holidays
$420 first 2 hours, then $130 per hour

$420 first 2 hours, then $130 per hour

Minimum 2 hours, $50 deposit (during booking) to secure your date, balance of invoice on the day of the party.

Note: If you want book a smaller session during our public lock-in, then you can book a private area for $50 and you and your guests can share the machines with a 30% discount off door prices.  See below.

Optional Setup Time
Include an extra 30 minutes for $30 to arrive before your guests.

Smaller lock-in party

If you are only looking to host a small party of 10-20 guests, then why not book a 3 hour party during a public lock-in session.

For $50 you can book a private party area with 2 x 6 foot trestle tables, microwave, fridge and freezer.  The party area is reserved for 3 hours which can be used for food, cake and presents and the kids and adults have full use of all the machines during the whole 3 hour period.

Saturday 3pm-10pm and Sunday 10am-5pm are $12.60 per child for 3 hours and $21 for adults.  Our special 3 hour sessions 1-4pm during school holidays are $7 per child and $14 for adults!

If adults and siblings are paying for their own entry, then they also receive the party discount.


Throwing a party has never been easier at Gameroom Essentials now with our invitation offer.

Our professionally designed & printed invitations allows you to have an invite to suit your needs. Choose your own theme from Star Wars and Tomb Raider to Minecraft on Sonic the Hedgehog. We’ll even fill out the party information for you.

10 Done for you Designs to choose from:
Pack of 24 – $29
Pack of 54 – $39
Pack of 84 – $49

Note: Invitations can take up to a week to be printed so make sure you order with enough time. 

If you’d prefer to do-it-yourself you can download this printable version – Download here


-Pinball Machines (12 minimum)
-Arcade machines (eg Ninja Turtles)
-Daytona and Outrunners Cars
-Grand Prix Star II and Suzuka Bikes
-Retro consoles (eg Nintendo 64)
-Shooting (gun) arcade machines,
-Xbox360 (16 player) plus more.
-Guitar Hero on the Big Screen
-16 xbox one consoles (Fortnite, PUBG)
-6 classic consoles on 68cm CRT TVs with consoles like xbox original, Playstation 2, GameCube, Sega Saturn, Super Famicom, Original Nintendo, Amiga 500, Atari2600.  These often change.


Our selection of gaming machines continues to change.

Still not convinced that Gameroom is the best venue for your party? Come down and take a look at our games. If you have any further questions regarding a party booking please contact us.

Book a Party

Please select a party below.  Note that the full weekend rate is listed below. Bookings from Monday to Friday  will receive a discount on the invoice .