Premium, Prize and redemption machines
Premium pinball, pool tables, prize and ticket machines
bring a more modern feel to the arcade.

Separate to our retro lock-in sessions, we have our pay-per-play area. Pay only for the games you play. There is no venue entry fee.

Only have a short time to drop by? 

Why per an entry fee for our lock-in if you are only having a few games? Play some of the latest pinball games around, or a few games of pool. These are as little as $2 per game or 3 for $5. The kids can try their luck on the redemption machines and earn some prizes.

You could have the best of both worlds and send the kids in the lock-in area for an hour or 2 while you and your mates attack the Guns N Roses or Deadpool pinballs or a few games of 8-ball. Relax and forget about the kids for a while.

(Coming soon) Redemption Machines

The redemption machines could win you some plush toys, or chocolates, or even an armload of tickets. The tickets can be redeemed in our canteen for drinks, chocolates, packets of chips or even some hot food. Get the kids to earn their own lunch, or get them to buy you a chico roll or dagwood dog. Share a box of chips! So much better than winning a rubber ball or a yo-yo that will just end up in the bin anyway.

Take advantage of our evolving collection:
Star Wars
Adams Family
The Munsters
Stranger Things

Current Gaming Sessions:
Saturday – 3pm to 10pm
Sunday – 10am to 5pm

Premium Pinball