Do you even pinball?

Earn points for your world ranking

How do you compare against other pinball players?  You only need ONE GOOD BALL to win the trophy.

IFPA matchplay competitions

The first Thursday of every month from 5:00pm-10:30pm is an IFPA registered group match play event.

Entry is $35 (or $30 for pinball club members).  Registrations will be capped at a MAX of 32 players.

There will be prizes for the top placings and of course POINTS POINTS POINTS.

A plaque with the winner of each month will be on display.

10-12 machines will be available for the competition. These can vary from new Stern/JJP to the classics.  The machines will be available for practice at the prior pinball club meeting (Wednesday 6-10pm) and also during weekend lock-in sessions.

Doors open 5pm for practice and Round 1 starts at exactly 6pm (players registered by 5:55pm).  Any late arrivals can join in at the start of the next round. There will be 4 rounds which is expected to last around 60 minutes per round.

Format: Group Matchplay
Seeding: IFPA ranking
First Round Pairing: Slaughter
General Pairing: Balanced
Player Order: Rotating
Scoring System: IFPA (7/5/3/1)(7/4/1)
Arena Draws: Balanced
Duration: 4 Rounds
Matches: 3 Per Round
Tiebreaker: Automatic
Event: Main
Estimated Number Of Players: 24
Meaningful Number Of Games/TGP: 24/96%
Unlimited Qualifying: No

A more casual way to play competition pinball. Suitable for ALL ages and skill levels.

flip frenzy pinball club

Every other Thursday night from 6pm-10pm is pinball club with practice and competition.

Held 6-10pm, this is the perfect time to practice and learn game rules with other pinball club members.

6-7pm is the time to practice and mingle.  Find out which games people enjoy most and why.

A 3 hour Flip Frenzy from 7-10pm gets players head-to-head which is also IFPA registered.

Entry is $30 or $25 for pinball club members.

Sign up as a Club Member ($20 per year) and get $5 off per visit!

Doors open 6pm for practice, banter and socialising. The fast paced but short flip frenzy will have you jumping from machine to machine against random players and watch your advancement on the leaderboard.

Format: Flip Frenzy
Seeding: Random
Arena Draws: Random
Duration: 3 Hours
Tiebreaker: Most Wins then Head-to-Head Single Game
Event: Main
Max Number Of Players: 32
Estimated Number Of Players: 24
Estimated Number Of Games/TGP: 24/96%
Unlimited Qualifying: No