Do you even pinball?


Learn to play pinball or polish those expert skills.

Even the best score in pinball means nothing unless you have someone to share it with.

Pinball Club Wednesdays

Every Wednesday from 7pm-10pm is pinball club.

We encourage like minded people to enjoy pinball against each-other and compete in a casual environment.

$20 will give you unlimited gaming on all the pre-Y2K pinball machines with-in our lock-in area.

For an extra $10 (total $30) include unlimited games on the pinballs in our pay-per-play area, including Gunners, Addams, Deadpool and more.

Sign up as a Club Member ($20 per year) and get $5 off per visit!

THIS WEEK: Flip Frenzy Competition

First place: 5 points
Second place: 4 points
Third place: 3 points
Fourth place: 2 points
Remaining places: 1 point

Every competition earns points towards a 3 hour private party for 70 people valued at $460.

Points Tally so far:
Gary Regan 14 points
Danny Daly 12 points
Lyndon Carter 12 points
Kimberley Daly 7 points
Jeffrey Riley 7 points
Scottie Taylor 6 points
Mark Leske 6 points
Matthew Owen 5 points
Michelle Daly 5 points
Amity Wells 5 points
Michael Costalos 3 points
David Clark 3 points
Jeeves Dunn 2 points
Bryn Phillips 2 points
Luke Yates 2 points
Jamie Paltridge 2 points
Tom Casey 2 points
Bianca Daly 1 point
Ronald Opitz 1 point
Janelle McLean 1 point
Darren Bonnett 1 point
Petra Saurbrey 1point
Cesar Federici 1 point
Laline Vandersleys 1 point
Jan Saurbrey 1 point
Tristan McCann 1 point
Tammy Swain 1 point
Stephen Vari 1 point
Patrick Hewitt 1 point

Current Club Sessions:
Wednesday – 7pm to 10pm

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